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CodeTwo Exchange Rules 2013

Explore the full potential of email signatures and disclaimers on Microsoft Exchange Server 2013
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7 February 2013

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Gaining complete control over the signatures and disclaimers over the Exchange server can be very helpful for most of the people. But this can be quite a task to achieve as there are many problems that need to be sorted out and solved before the user attempts to complete this task. Thus to help him along his way CodeTwo Exchange Rules 2013 1.0.0 will prove to be a beacon of light which the user can follow. This software application grants complete control over the signatures and disclaimers over the exchange server so that the user can easily create as well as edit them whenever he wishes to. There will be no need for the user to get access from the administrator of client systems as this tool does all the work.

Bundled with many unique and distinct features and functions that allow the user to tackle various situations, CodeTwo Exchange Rules 2013 1.0.0 comes packed with all the necessary tips and tricks that will help the user along his way. The software tool allows the user full access to controlling signatures over the exchange server without going through the administrator. The best part is that the user does not need to even touch the client machines which save him a lot of time and effort. The user can decide whether the changes he makes to the signatures be featured onto a single person, a whole department or the entire company. The signatures and templates can be edited according to the user’s wishes. The whole process does not take any time at all and can be done within seconds.

Allowing the user complete access and control over the exchange server for editing signatures and disclaimers is a wonderful tactic CodeTwo Exchange Rules 2013 1.0.0 utilizes to the core. It gets a score of 3 out of 5 for its efficacy.

Publisher's description

Gain full control over email signatures and disclaimers on Microsoft Exchange Server 2013. This program will give you a complete set of tools that are needed to properly control users' email signatures on the server side. What's more, thanks to CodeTwo Exchange Rules 2013 you will be able to control them without touching anything on the client machines.
CodeTwo Exchange Rules 2013 will let you easily apply signature rules on Microsoft Exchange Server 2013. These rules are based on Active Directory conditions. The administrator can decide whether the given signature will be applied to a given person, a single department or even to the entire organization. Additionally, the choice of the signature design can also be left on users' end, since rules can also be triggered by a phrase or word they put in the email.
CodeTwo Exchange Rules 2013 comes with a handy HTML, RTF and plain text editor. It enables fast and easy creation of signatures and disclaimer templates containing graphics, rich text formatting and dynamic fields that are replaced with user's individual data after the message is sent. What is really great about CodeTwo Exchange Rules 2013 is that it makes it possible for each user to have his or her thumbnail attached to the personal email footer. The program is also a great email marketing tool, since adding banners, logos and graphics to emails with the HTML/RTF editor takes only a few seconds.
Apart from making your corporate mail look more professional, the program will also help you meet legal regulations in some countries that require email disclaimers to be attached to outgoing messages. Thanks to the Sent Items Update service, the disclaimers will also be visible in the Sent Items folder of the mail client.
Download the program and explore the full potential of email signatures and disclaimers on Microsoft Exchange Server 2013. The program can be tested for free for 30 days.
CodeTwo Exchange Rules 2013
CodeTwo Exchange Rules 2013
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